Efficient privacy-preserving facial expression classification

This paper proposes an efficient algorithm to perform privacy-preserving (PP) facial expression classification (FEC) in the client-server model. The server holds a database and offers the classification service to the clients. The client uses the service to classify the facial expression (FaE) of subject. It should be noted that the client and server are mutually untrusted parties and they want to perform the classification without revealing their inputs to each other. In contrast to the existing works, which rely on computationally expensive cryptographic operations, this paper proposes a lightweight algorithm based on the randomization technique. The proposed algorithm is validated using the widely used JAFFE and MUG FaE databases. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm does not degrade the performance compared to existing works. However, it preserves the privacy of inputs while improving the computational complexity by 120 times and communication complexity by 31 percent against the existing homomorphic cryptography based approach.