Electronic journals in Saudi Arabian hospital libraries: provision and usage

2018-08-15T13:16:31Z (GMT) by Sandra A. Al-Abdulmunem
There are numerous studies in the literature of the impact on library staff and users in the West with regards to electronic journal usage; however there exists little literature related to this topic with regards to Saudi Arabia. This research is therefore timely and contributes to the literature. The aims of this research were to study the current collection situation within Saudi Arabian hospital libraries thus determining the existence of electronic journals; examine usage of print and electronic journals by hospital staff; determine if there were differences in usage, in terms of gender, age group, job title, department, and academic qualifications; determine the format preferences of hospital staff, in terms of core and non-core journals; determine if there were any differences in format preferences with regards to gender, age group, job title, department and academic qualifications; review how electronic journals were being accessed, where they were being accessed, and what other formats were being utilised. [Continues.]