Empowering local government through decentralised WASH programmes in Bangladesh

2018-02-12T15:10:41Z (GMT) by Nazneen Ahmed Enamul Kabir
While the Government of Bangladesh has gained itself a good reputation with regards to achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 7, institutional reforms and modernisation of public service providers in the local governments are still needed for quality delivery and maintenance of water supply and sanitation services. Decentralisation of decision making and financial management to LGIs, along with bridging gap between the citizens and public representatives through participatory planning is one of the vital pre-requisites of integrated rural development. HYSAWA (Hygiene, Sanitation & Water) Fund, an autonomous financing organization, mobilizes resources and technical support for the LGIs for delivery of decentralized WatSan services in a transparent and accountable manner. Direct linkage with the funding source is regarded as a key to empower local governments, which, together with capacity building inputs will promote greater devolution of administrative and financial power to them. An effective engagement of local government is needed for sustainability of WASH services.