European TeleFOT project: Benefit-cost analysis for SatNav and EcoDrive technologies

Calculation of benefit-cost-ratios (BCRs) is a commonly used methodology by governments in determining the need for future regulation. This study was undertaken as part of the European Commission’s field trial TeleFOT program provided new findings on the likely benefit-cost safety and environmental outcomes for satellite navigation (SatNav) and (EcoDrive) technologies in Europe. The findings showed that for a range of scenarios, the best benefit-cost-ratio for SatNav was markedly above its economic cost (BCR>1). While a BCR for EcoDrive could not be calculated because of missing data, the fitment rates required to achieve a breakeven outcome were quite achievable. The figures for the worst scenario outcomes were less impressive, generally failing to achieve break-even (BCRs less than one) or required higher fitment rates. BCRs for both technologies combined showed ratios between 3.16 and 2.78, assuming a 5% EcoDrive fitment rate.