Evaluating the introduction of CBA into the learning, teaching and assessment strategy of the diagnostic radiography course at Sheffield Hallam University

2006-05-24T14:04:20Z (GMT) by H. Best
feedback have been introduced into the BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography course at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU). CBA was selected for a number of reasons: it is a natural progression of the current use of information technology (IT) in learning and teaching; it further develops essential IT skills; it allows real medical images to be viewed; it tests students prior to placement, therefore helping to ensure appropriate levels of knowledge and understanding, and consequently reducing the burden of supervising radiographers; students requiring additional tutor support will be identified at this stage; it is thought to be an efficient use of lecturer time; it is anticipated that there will be a reduction in potential biases surrounding the marking process; an ‘easy’ to use CBA system is readily available in SHU’s adopted virtual learning environment, Blackboard 5.5; SHUS’s IT infrastructure is more robust than ever before. Although CBA is only one method within a diverse overall learning, teaching and assessment strategy, it is new and innovative and is therefore being evaluated to assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of implementation.