Evaluation of the Scottish pass-IT assessment project

2006-05-26T09:46:33Z (GMT) by Grainne Conole
The Pass-IT project brought together key players in Scottish education to research the use of CAA in Schools and Colleges across a range of National, Higher National subject areas. It focused on the applicability and suitability of different forms of technology to enhance the assessment process. This paper reports on the findings of the external evaluation of the project, concentrating on the barriers and enablers to the use of CAA, lessons learn and the impact on student learning. The evaluation consisted of two parts; a contextualising review of the computer-assisted assessment literature, which is reported in more detail elsewhere (Warburton and Conole, 2005), and a series of interviews with key stakeholders involved in the project, which is the subject of this paper. The focus was on the stakeholders’ overall perceptions of the project, its value and how it relates to their own roles and within their own organisation, as well as consideration of potential future activities in this area including mainstreaming of the project and future areas of research exploration.