Examining the psychological preparation and management of performance by elite and sub-elite endurance sport performers: a systematic review

2017-05-19T08:12:18Z (GMT) by Britta M. Sorensen
Successful endurance performance is commonly attributed to the athlete who possesses the right blend of physical and mental capabilities, to cope with the specific demands of an endurance sport, in tough environmental conditions. Sport psychology is important for a variety of sports, especially endurance-based sports, given the mental and physical effort required to effectively train and compete at varying intensities and duration. The growing interest for endurance performance, has resulted in some narrative reviews examining the specific skills that may enhance performance, such as self-talk, attentional control, and active self-regulatory strategies. A systematic review focused on experimental or quasi-experimental studies, with largely non-elite populations, to address the psychological determinants of whole-body endurance performance for which strategies work best. [Continues.]