FAQ: faecal sludge quantification and characterization - field trial of methodology in Hanoi, Vietnam

Characterizing and quantifying faecal sludge (FS) at a city-wide scale in low- and middle-income countries is essential for designing and planning appropriate FS treatment facilities. However, there currently is no accurate methodology for the estimation of these values. The FAQ (faecal sludge quantification and characterization) study developed a methodology, and is validating it in Hanoi, Vietnam and Kampala, Uganda. The method utilizes spatially analysed demographic data as a predictor of FS characteristics. Extensive sampling has been conducted to field test the presented method. This paper presents results of collected and analysed secondary data, and preliminary results of the TS, VS, COD and SCOD concentrations from household septic tanks in Hanoi, which were on average 26,471, 19,395, 37,541 and 713 mg/L respectively, and ongoing data analysis is being conducted.