FESTA. D4 Common vision regarding cooperative systems FOTs

2010-04-13T15:27:02Z (GMT) by FESTA Consortium
The objective of an FOT is to evaluate in-vehicle functions based on Information Communication Technology (ICT) in order to address specific research questions. These research questions can be related to safety, environment, mobility, traffic efficiency, usage, and acceptance. By addressing the research questions, FOTs promise to furnish the major stakeholders (customers, public authorities, OEMs, suppliers, and the scientific community) with valuable information able to improve their policy-making and market strategies. Individuating the most relevant functions and connected hypothesis to successfully address the above-mentioned research questions is one of the major challenges in an FOT. In this deliverable, the process of individuating the vehicle functions to be tested in an FOT and the relevant connected hypotheses will be elucidated. Specifically, the reader will be guided in the process of 1) selecting the vehicle functions to be tested, 2) defining the connected use cases to test these vehicle functions, 3) identifying the research questions related to these use cases, 4) formulating the hypothesis associated to these research questions, and 5) linking these hypothesis to the correspondent performance indicators.