FESTA Support Action Field opErational teSt supporT Action. D2.1 - A comprehensive framework of performance indicators and their interaction

2009-12-22T15:27:55Z (GMT) by FESTA Consortium
The FESTA PI Matrix is a document containing Performance Indicators that can be used to assess safety, efficiency, environmental and acceptance aspects in a Field Operational Test (FOT). The list was compiled by a number of experts who used their own experience and the literature as basis. The list is meant to be used as a tool both during the planning phase and during the analysis phase of an FOT. It should also be of help for budget decisions, as it can aid the user in estimating sensor costs, for example, but also in estimating how intricate and time intensive certain analyses are. The list is meant to be used by people with background knowledge in the field, it does not substitute a solid education in traffic research. Even though the list is quite comprehensive, it is by no means exhaustive, which means that existing and established Performance Indicators might not be included, even though some effort has been made to cover all aspects that nowadays can be measured in a reasonable way in an FOT. The list can be extended and new Performance Indicators can be added.