Factores determinantes en la percepcion de la imagen y calidad de servicio y sus efectos en la satisfaccion del cliente. Un caso aplicado a la banca chilena [Determining factors in the perception of image and quality of service and its effect on client satisfaction. A case applied to Chilean banking]

This research presents a model that allows banking managers to support resource management in response to the questions: What are the factors clients value most in order to maintain a good image and a perception of quality of service? How do these factors affect customer satisfaction? The proposal seeks to provide tools to better focus resources and actions to improve the offer of value, which also leads to client loyalty. Based on intellectual capital models, three factors composed of intangibles and one factor of physical equipment are proposed as influencing image and perceived quality. A satisfaction model is developed based on structural equation methodologies. Results indicate that personal attention and organizational efficiency are the factors that most affect the perception of quality. Personal attention and WEB efficiency are the factors that most influence image. Both perceived quality and image have considerable impact on client satisfaction.