Fashion as communication revisited

2019-06-18T13:48:12Z (GMT) by Malcolm Barnard
The essay introduces the sender/receiver model of communication and fashion communication by reviewing some recent fashion journalism. It then argues that there are three major problems with this model. The essay then introduces and critiques various arguments around the cyborg, a human/machine “hybrid” as some theorists present it, and argues that there are limitations and weaknesses in the conception of the prosthesis as it is found in the notion of the cyborg. The essay then analyses semiological models of communication and uses Derrida's (2010) conception of the constitutive prosthesis to critique both traditional conceptions of the prosthesis and the model of communication as it is found in semiological models. Finally, the essay identifies some major consequences of the constitutive prosthesis for fashion and the explanation of fashion as communication.