Fashionable printed textiles in apparel and interior furnishings 1750-1900

2012-03-14T11:41:48Z (GMT) by Clive Edwards
The link between fashion, interior design and clothing is located in the notion of space and the body within space. Space works with fashion by extending it, grounding it and attenuating it whereas fashion adds texture, colour, pattern and style to space. (Potvin, 6) This usage might be also related to ideas of consumption, display, performance, exhibition or creativity. These factors are moveable and various and are dependent upon a wide range of issues including economic, political, religious, cultural, social and gendered matters. Above all, space is an experience of the senses commanded by the visual, and, in the case of printed textiles, by a whole range of various colours, patterns and motifs. Overarching this is the idea that both fashion and interior design are systems of representation, which reveal insights into peoples’ use of places at any one time.