Fear of falling and activities of daily living function: mediation effect of dual-task ability

Objective: The aim of the study was to explore the association between fear of falling (FOF), dual-task ability during a mobility task, and the activities of daily living (ADL) in a sample of older adults.Methods: Seventy-six older adults (mean age M = 70.87 ± 5.16 years) participated in the study. Data on FOF (using the Falls Self-Efficacy Scale-International), walking ability during both single- and dual-task performances and ADL were collected.Results: Mediation analysis demonstrated the mediation effect of dual-task ability (? = 0.238, p = 0.011) between FOF and ADL level (? = 0.559, p \textless 0.001). Moreover, significantly lower performances were observed during dual-task condition [F (2, 73) = 7.386, p \textless 0.001], and lower ADL levels were also found in older adults with FOF [F (2, 73) = 13.734, p \textless 0.001].Conclusion: The study underlines the relationship between FOF, dual-task ability and ADL level. These results could be used to develop specific intervention programmes for successful ageing.