Financial news content publishing on

2010-06-29T15:36:19Z (GMT) by Martin Sykora Marek Panek
Recently a number of academic publications have investigated various properties and dynamics of author's contributors on online Web 2.0 communities. The most intensively examined communities have until now been discussion boards and blogs. In this paper we look at, and identify revealing patterns of content publishers on YouTube. This is the most popular community based service on the world wide web as ranked by the frequency of visited webpages. The research is motivated in terms of gaining better understanding of content publishing habits within financial news topic specifically and we investigate the potential for trend detection in financial markets area. A number of side issues, such as publisher bias and various video properties are also examined. It turns out, the number of video submissions by professional authors has increased considerably in recent months. There is significant quantity to allow statistical analysis of events. As we show, the potential value of the data on YouTube cannot be ignored any longer. We present recent results and work on a project that investigated a completely new dataset, not really considered in previous literature.