Focusing effects of metallic rim-less spectacles at mobile communication frequencies on the energy absorbed in the head

This paper presents simulated and measured results from a study looking at the Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) inside the head due to metallic rim-less spectacles, when the head is irradiated by a dipole source in front of the face. The study concentrates on the GSM1800, PCS1900 and UMTS 2100MHz frequency bands. Simulations were carried out using the homogeneous Specific Anthropomorphic Model (SAM) phantom and a heterogeneous head model developed from the Visible Human Project. SAR measurements were carried out using a DASY4 with the modified rear-entry Loughborough SAM head. The measurements and both sets of simulations show that the metallic crossbar can increase the peak 1g SAR inside the head by approximately 5 times in the GSM1800 uplink frequency band.