Foreign banks are branching out: changing geographies of Hungarian banking, 1987-1999

2014-11-12T13:32:26Z (GMT) by Heike Jons
Walking through the streets of Budapest in spring 1999 could have given you the following impression: the supermarkets (Spar), the milk products sold there (Danone, Müller), and the property markets (OBI) come from different Western European countries such as the Netherlands, France and Germany. Almost all fast food restaurants (McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC) and many hotels (Hilton, Mariott) have their origins in the US; shoes and clothes offered in downtown are designed in Italy or France (Benetton, Marco Polo); medicine is predominantly produced in Switzerland (Novartis, Roche) and the banks as well as the car dealerships have their roots everywhere in the so-called Western world - usually including Japan and other Asian countries with major (car) companies - but not in Hungary itself....