Full interference cancellation for an asymptotically full rate asynchronous cooperative four relay network

2011-01-13T16:40:54Z (GMT) by G.J. Chen Jonathon Chambers
We propose the use of simple full interference cancellation (FIC) and orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) within a two-hop asynchronous cooperative four relay network. This approach can achieve the full available diversity and asymptotically full rate. The four relay nodes are arranged as two groups of two relay nodes with offset transmission scheduling. Therefore, the source can serially transmit data to the destination and the overall rate can approach one when the number of samples is large. However, the four-path relay scheme may suffer from inter-relay interference which is caused by the simultaneous transmission of the source and another group of relays. The FIC approach is therefore used to remove inter-relay interference; OFDM with cyclic prefix (CP) and time-reversion is applied at the source and relays respectively, in order to combat timing errors. Uncoded and coded bit error rate simulations confirm the utility of the scheme.