Gendered identities in self-descriptions of electoral candidates in a French National Sport Federation

2014-07-17T11:09:05Z (GMT) by Claude Ferrand Ian Henry Alain Ferrand
The aim of this study was to evaluate ways in which male and female candidates for election to the Executive Committee of a National Sport Federation (NSF) for the period 2004–2008 defined themselves in their candidate self descriptions (CSD). Forty-one statements of candidates were subjected to textual data analysis (using ALCESTE software). Four lexical classes were identified, and the demographic profiles of the authors contrasted. The classes identified were subsequently subjected to correspondence analysis which identified two factors explaining 76.6% of total variance, reflecting respectively, gendered roles (first factor) and presence/absence of previous national level experience (second factor). Findings provide a discursive perspective on the construction of gendered roles in a sporting organisation.