Generation of Rayleigh-type edge waves by laser-initiated airborne shocks

This paper presents a semi-analytical model of the interaction of laser-initiated airborne shocks with the edge of an infinite vertically mounted elastic plate. The impact of the shock wave on the plate edge is approximated by an equivalent edge force resulting from the combined pressure of the incident and reflected shock waves. The problem is then solved using the Green’s function method. The resulting predictions are compared with the results of the laboratory experiments on laser-initiated air shock wave interaction with an edge of a large vertically mounted Perspex plate that is used for reduced-scale modelling of blast wave interaction with the ground surface. The resulting frequency spectra and time histories of generated Rayleigh-type wave pulses propagating along the plate edge are calculated for different heights of the laser beam focusing above the plate edge. The comparisons show that the obtained semi-analytical predictions are in good agreement with the experiments.