Genetic algorithm based on receding horizon control for arrival sequencing and scheduling

2008-10-21T09:10:42Z (GMT) by Wen-Hua Chen Xiao-Bing Hu
The concept of Receding Horizon Control (RHC) is introduced into Genetic Algorithm (GA) in this paper to solve the problem of Arrival Scheduling and Sequencing (ASS) at a busy hub airport. A GA based method is proposed for solving the dynamic ASS problem, and the focus is put on the methodology of integrating the RHC strategy into the GA for real-time implementations in a dynamic environment of air traffic control (ATC). Receding horizon and terminal penalty are investigated in depth as two key techniques of this novel RHC based GA. Simulation results show that the new method proposed in this paper is effective and efficient to solve the ASS problem in a dynamic environment. Key words: Receding Horizon Control, Genetic Algorithm, Air Traffic Contro