Ground vibrations from high-speed railways: Prediction and mitigation

2019-09-16T14:06:16Z (GMT) by Victor V. Krylov
This book aims to present in one volume the views of leading international experts in ground vibrations from high-speed railways on the current status of the problem of generation and propagation of ground vibrations from high-speed trains and to discuss possible ways of reduction of their environmental impact. The book describes mainly the results of recent academic research, and it is pitched largely at an advanced level. It is assumed that the ideal reader will have a university background in engineering, physics, or applied mathematics. However, some of the chapters have been written in a more practical language, and they are expected to be understood by a more general audience. The intended readership of the book is rather wide. These are scientists and engineers working on prediction and remediation of railway noise and vibration, environmental consultants investigating particular situations associated with environmental impact of railways, local authorities, designers of new railway lines, etc. It will be also useful for university students, railway enthusiasts, and for all members of a general public concerned about topical environmental issues.