Groundwater supply sustainability in fragile states: a case study examining challenges and approaches

2018-02-12T15:11:12Z (GMT) by Paul Evans Andy Bastable
Sustainable groundwater supply development in developing countries remains an ongoing challenge due to a range of technical and community related factors. The challenge in fragile states becomes increasingly difficult due to often adverse operational environments and rapid NGO interventions. Such challenging conditions reduce the likelihood of achieving sustainable supplies in the long term. Recent practical experiences in Wau, South Sudan are presented and used to examine groundwater supply sustainability challenges and potential solutions that can be applied in wider fragile state contexts. It should be recognised that groundwater supply sustainability cannot always be realistically achieved in fragile state environments; however, long term financial and developmental incentives exist to maximise sustainability potential wherever the context allows. A combination of preparedness and informed early-phase decision making in collaboration with capable local partners can maximise groundwater supply sustainability potential in challenging fragile state working environments.