Guidelines on the use of structure‐from‐motion photogrammetry in geomorphic research

a topographic modelling technique, structure-from-motion (SfM) photogrammetry combines the utility of digitalphotogrammetry with a flexibility and ease of use derived from multi-view computer vision methods. In conjunction with the rapidlyincreasing availability of imagery, particularly from unmanned aerial vehicles, SfM photogrammetry represents a powerful tool forgeomorphological research. However, to fully realize this potential, its application must be carefully underpinned by photogrammet-ric considerations, surveys should be reported in sufficient detail to be repeatable (if practical) and results appropriately assessed tounderstand fully the potential errors involved. To deliver these goals, robust survey and reporting must be supported through (i) usingappropriate survey design, (ii) applying suitable statistics to identify systematic error (bias) and to estimate precision within results,and (iii) propagating uncertainty estimates into the final data products