Haematoma detection using EIT in a sheep model

Performance evaluation of a portable digital electrical impedance tomography system to detect haematomas using phantom and sheep models is presented. Experiments have been performed using 8-electrode full array configuration. Conductivity changes were detected in phantom model while anomalies were placed at center and close to the edge of the tank. Bleeding rate was successfully monitored in sheep model while blood-like conductivity solution was injecting via the brainstem. EIT images were reconstructed sequentially for different injection volumes and the quantity index (QI) was calculated as a function of the injected solution volume. The results show a linear relationship of QI to the injected volume. Images of the sheep experiment with the simulated haematomas, blood-like conductivity gel, placed on top of the parietal lobes of the brain on the left and right sides were reconstructed and haematomas are clearly detected and localized. These experiments prove that the detection and quantification of haematomas in the brain is possible and encourage further investigation for medical applications.