High-order mismatched disturbance compensation for motion control systems via a continuous dynamic sliding-mode approach

A new continuous dynamic sliding-mode control (CDSMC) method is proposed for high-order mismatched disturbance attenuation in motion control systems using a high-order sliding-mode differentiator. First, a new dynamic sliding surface is developed by incorporating the information of the estimates of disturbances and their high-order derivatives. A CDSMC law is then designed for a general motion control system with both high-order matched and mismatched disturbances, which can attenuate the effects of disturbances from the system output. The proposed control method is finally applied for the airgap control of a MAGnetic LEViation (MAGLEV) suspension vehicle. Simulation results show that the proposed method exhibits promising control performance in the presence of high-order matched and mismatched disturbances.