High-temperature HPLC of pharmaceutical compounds

2018-11-21T10:04:22Z (GMT) by Hassan M. Albishri
In this thesis, we established methods that use high-temperature HPLC for the efficient separation of different groups of pharmaceutical compounds. These groups are cephalosporins, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID), and diuretic drugs. The effect of changes of the temperature of the column was studied with respect to various chromatographic parameters: retention factors, thermodynamic properties, selectivity, efficiency and peak shape. Three columns (Pathfinder, Xterra RP18, and Selerity's Blaze 200) were examined for the analysis of cephalosporin drugs under high temperature reversed phase HPLC. Several proportions of mobile phases were used with these columns. This study focused on the effect of column temperature on selectivity (α), and efficiency (N/m), van't Hoff plots. The best conditions for the separation of these drugs were 60 °C with 100% water as eluent and these conditions were the best for quantitative applications. This condition was validated according to International Conference on Harmonisation (ICR) with respects of linearity, limit of detection (LOD), limit of quantification (LOQ), and precision (tR, relative peak area %, N/m). [Continues.]