Highly distributed power systems: distribution network modelling and demand simulation

2009-08-05T16:02:12Z (GMT) by Ian Richardson Murray Thomson
Assessing the impact of large quantities of domestic micro-generation on the low-voltage distribution network, requires detailed simulation of the existing networks and time-varying power demands. This project aims to construct a high-resolution model of an actual distribution network, to include the simulation of the minute-by-minute demands, particularly in residential areas, where high penetrations of micro-generation could be deployed. The resulting model will provide a platform to assess the implications of highly distributed power systems and to look at the network response to demand side management (DSM) measures. The project encompasses a case study of Loughborough, where an analysis of domestic electricity use is being performed, through the high-resolution capture of residential electricity use data. The project is supported by E.ON UK and by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK, within the Supergen 3 Highly Distributed Power Systems Consortium. The poster provides an overview of the work performed so far in constructing the integrated network model and residential demand simulations.