Houseproud [Practices and strategies of leading UK housebuilders on Offsite-MMC]

Recent government-backed reports have suggested that Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are crucial to the solution for addressing the under-supply of housing and wide concerns over the need to improve performance. The great bulk of MMC is actually offsite technologies. This article reports on the practices and strategies of the top 1002 housebuilders regarding the use of Offsite-MMC. This survey revealed the top 100 firms’ perspectives on barriers and opportunities affecting the likely future uptake of Offsite-MMC and investigated the current Offsite-MMC applications of the large housebuilders. The study combined face-to-face and telephone interviews with a postal questionnaire survey, which yielded an overall response rate of 36%. The responding firms together contribute more than 30% of the total UK housing unit completions.