How to improve sanitation in Mae La refugee camp: Solidarites International sludge treatment unit

2018-02-12T15:11:01Z (GMT) by Fabrizio Cavalazzi
Since 2007, Solidarités International is actively supporting Burmese refugees living in Mae La temporary Shelters (Thailand – Tak) in order to satisfy their basics needs in terms of Water Hygiene and Sanitation minimum standards. The camp was created in 1984 but the lack of an efficient waste and sludge management system led to the contamination of soils and aquifers. This largely impacted the health of both Burmese displaced people and Thai people in the surrounding villages. Despite being a context of emergency, Solidarités International chose to implement a combined system of watertight latrines and Sludge Treatment Unit (STU), d. The STU was built in an area close to Mae La camp and transforms sludge into a bio-fertilizer.