Human growth: its assessment, evaluation and variation

2018-08-24T15:19:28Z (GMT) by Noel Cameron
In this submission I have chosen to divide my output into three parts; (1) the assessment and evaluation of human growth and (2) normal human growth and its variation with particular reference to South Africa and (3) the developmental origins paradigm. I have accumulated in excess of 300 published contributions in the field of human growth so for the sake of brevity I have chosen to include copies of 30 publications to support this submission. These publications represent mostly internationally reviewed articles and one book chapter. The various textbooks, most notable covering anthropometry, skeletal maturity, and research methods in the general field of human growth and development, that are used internationally by practitioners and students alike, have not been included in this submission yet they form a significant contribution to the field of human growth and development. The TW2 skeletal maturity method has been cited over 2,500 times and my reference work on anthropometric measures almost 500 times indicating the frequency with which these methods have been used by growth researchers.