Hybrid touchpoints for relational service in social innovation: a case study of "Eat Me!"

2015-02-11T11:48:55Z (GMT) by Kathy Lo
This paper: (1) proposes an analytical framework using hybrid touchpoints (interweaving of online and offline service touchpoints) to facilitate relational service in social innovation, and (2) through a case study of social innovation “Eat Me!”, examines the link between theory and practice by analysing how hybrid touchpoints are applied in service design for social innovation. Initiated by interdisciplinary collaborations and empowered by enterprising initiatives, Eat Me! is a case of social innovation that demonstrates positive impacts of connecting academic researchers, design industry professionals, users, enterprise experts and multidisciplinary team. It is an award-winning holistic service system that helps people grow fruits, share a hobby, exchange experiences, harvest homegrown vegetables and share the fruits of their labour. Features of Eat Me! include: Participatory digital maps that show locations of sharable fruits, and service platforms that cross the boundary between online interactions and real-life events to connect local communities.