Identification of vehicle related risk factors, deliverable 6.1 of the H2020 project SafetyCube

The present Deliverable (D6.1) describes the identification and evaluation of vehicle related risk factors. It outlines the results of Task 6.1 of Work Package 6 (WP6) of SafetyCube, which aimed to identify and evaluate vehicle related risk factors and related road safety problems by (i) presenting a taxonomy of vehicle related risks, (ii) identifying “hot topics” of concern for relevant stakeholders and (iii) evaluating the relative importance for road safety outcomes (crash risk, crash frequency and severity etc.) within the scientific literature for each identified risk factor. To reach this objective, Task 6.1 has initially exploited current knowledge (e.g. existing studies) and existing accident data (macroscopic and in-depth) in order to quantify scenarios (defined in Work Package 8) related to the vehicle element. This information will help further on in WP6 to identify countermeasures for addressing these risk factors and finally to undertake an assessment of the effects of these countermeasures (...continues).