Impact of rapid manufacturing on design for manufacture for injection moulding

2009-06-03T10:37:09Z (GMT) by S. Mansour Richard J.M. Hague
Rapid manufacturing (RM) employs similar technologies and processes to rapid prototyping (RP), hence resulting in a tool-less manufacturing process. This is achieved by assuming that RP machines have been converted to proper manufacturing machines. The current approaches to the design process, product development cycle and manufacturing considerations at the design stage within a concurrent engineering environment are closely examined. An attempt is then made to investigate the effect of the RM processes on the design process and product development cycle. This is further expanded to consider the impact of RM on rules and guidelines that have been established for design for manufacturing (DFM). This paper is limited to a comparison of RM with regards to injection moulding as RM is most likely to compete with this process in the first instance. This is the first research work to investigate the impact of RM on the design process.