Improving the safety and mobility of vulnerable road users through ITS applications [VRUITS] D7.3 Final Exploitation Plan

This document is the final version of the “Final Exploitation Plan” as created in WP7: Dissemination and Exploitation. The document gives an overview of the exploitable results of the project, analyses the stakeholders interested in the results, and gives the preliminary plans for several partners to ex-ploit the results. Chapter 2 briefly gives an overview of the project results as produced in the other work packages. Chapter 3 lists the stakeholders of the VRUITS project result exploitation. Based on these chapters, in chapter 4 the exploitation details are explored based on three target areas for exploitation of the re-sults; being industrial activities, academic interests, and regulatory norms and standards. From the perspective of industrial activities, one of the benefits of the VRUITS project is the extensive cost-benefit analysis, which can guide specific development activities. In the conclusion, a link is made to the Impact Analysis describing a collection of systems with a positive benefit-cost ratio, as potential starting point for such development activities. Combined with the results from the pilots in the Nether-lands and Spain this leads to technical research and developments for devices specifically targeting vulnerable road users. Examples mentioned of concrete developments triggered by the VRUITS pro-ject include technologies for portable beacons for VRU’s, and VRU-prepared traffic management equipment. From the academic point of view, the expertise gained will be used by the partners through scientific publications, offered as expertise in future offerings, and used when developing future products. The pilot analysis and measurement tools as created in WP3 and WP4 will not be offered as separate products, but these and the setup and results as reported in WP5 also can be used in subsequent (fol-low-up) projects. Norms and standards are relevant for all stake holders, as to enable a sufficiently large market to make developments economically feasible. The VRUITS project has triggered several initiatives with respect to standardisation, however the process of standardisation will continue beyond the life time of the VRUITS project. Here both follow-up projects (e.g. XCYCLE) and industry interest are expected to be sufficient to drive the progress of the standards beyond VRUITS. Next to norms and standards, also other actions at EU level are identified in the VRUITS project, helping towards exploitation of the VRUITS results. These are not covered in this deliverable, but are detailed in deliverable D6.2 “Rec-ommendations for actions at EU level and their assessment”.