Improving utility management through partnership and capacity building - the case of NWSC, Entebbe

In order to maximise the benefits from water and environmental sanitation, urban water utilities need to improve their performance and therefore enhance the efficiency service delivery. This paper presents an innovative approach to utility management improvement taken by National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Entebbe Area in partnership with the Water Utility Partnership (WUP), WEDC and Severn Trent and with support from SIDA. The paper discusses the participatory approach taken by all the parties in developing a five year solution oriented strategic plan and equipping the local staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to execute the plan. The partnership approach used is a crucial part in developing a sustainable performance improvement program; because the local staff have knowledge of the prevailing situation and problems in the organisation and the external experts (consultants) have knowledge of best practices and experiences from different parts of the world. The paper draws conclusions on how this approach can be introduced by other utilities in other low income to improve management performance.