In the cause of improving community water supply management

2018-02-12T15:08:23Z (GMT) by Patrick Alubbe
A community water supply succeeds when its leadership is accountable and responsive to its customers. Tremendous efforts have gone towards capacity building project management teams, but there is still a bigger gap that is yet to be filled. WaterCredit initiatives take proven microfinance principles and apply them to the water and sanitation sector. One of the outcomes on the projects has been better project governance bearing in mind the greater responsibility of servicing the credit. The seven water projects done under this program has come out exceptionally good in managing the affairs of the projects leading to efficiency and sustainability . Changing from run down supplies to profit making is quite encouraging and something to be emulated. The water sector reform in Kenya leveraged this initiative after the water act 2002 streamlined the community management water supply systems after there has been no proper regulation for a long time.