Income generating activities for hygiene promotion

2018-02-12T15:11:26Z (GMT) by Paulinus Ojiaka Saaondo Anom
The paper discusses the mode of implementation of this strategy in some communities, its reception by the workerbeneficiaries, the impact on their livelihood generally and on their roles and activities as voluntary workers. The paper also discusses how the following benefits can be achieved using the strategy: • Intensification of the fight against poverty in Nigeria • Escalation of the construction of latrines in the rural areas • Increase in the level of Hygiene and Sanitation promotion activities at the community level • Attraction and or increase in the level of sustainable participation of communities in WES activities • Utilization as a mode of entry into communities and LGAs. The paper concludes with the finding that strongly supports the adoption of this strategy as a mode of strengthening the community level volunteers in their activities as well as promoting the affordability, and availability of essential sanitation items in the beneficiary communities.