Individual entrepreneurial orientation and intrapreneurship in the public sector

This paper investigates the relationship of individual entrepreneurial orientation (IEO) and intrapreneurial activities in the public sector. Moreover, the influence of the two self-regulatory modes locomotion and assessment are used to provide further insights into this relationship. This empirical study focuses on a quantitative analysis of 266 public sector employees from municipalities and cities in the German-speaking countries gathered through an online survey. The results demonstrate that public sector employees with a high level of IEO are more likely to work on explorative activities which are the foundation for every intrapreneurial process. Further-more, the results highlight that IEO does not have an influence on exploitative activities. The respective self-regulatory mode is identified as an important moderator for the relationship. Our research shows that an archetype of an intrapreneur who is strong in scanning for new opportunities and evaluating them is possible.