Influence of nonideal voltage measurement on parameter estimation in permanent-magnet synchronous machines

This paper investigates the influence of nonideal voltage measurements on the parameter estimation of permanentmagnet synchronous machines (PMSMs). The influence of nonideal voltage measurements, such as the dc bus voltage drop, zero shift in the amplifier, and voltage source inverter nonlinearities, on the estimation of different machine parameters is investigated by theoretical and experimental analysis. For analysis, a model-reference-adaptive-system-based estimator is first described for the parameter estimation of the q-axis inductance, stator winding resistance, and rotor flux linkage. The estimator is then applied to a prototype surface-mounted PMSM to investigate the influence of nonideal voltage measurement on the estimation of various machine parameter values. It shows that, at low speed, the inverter nonlinearity compensation has significant influence on both the rotor flux linkage and winding resistance estimations while, at high speed, it has significant influence only on the winding resistance estimation and has negligible influence on the rotor flux linkage estimation. In addition, the inverter nonlinearity compensation will not influence the q-axis inductance estimation when it is under id = 0 control. However, the dc bus voltage drop due to the load variation and zero shift in the amplifier will significantly influence the q-axis inductance estimation. © 2011 IEEE.