Influence of short rear end tapers on the base pressure of a simplified vehicle

This paper looks into the effect on base pressure of applying a high aspect ratio chamfer to all edges of a simplified squareback model (the Windsor model). The effects are investigated using force and moment measurements along with surface pressure measurements on the slanted surface and vertical base. The work forms part of a larger study to develop understanding of the mechanisms that influence overall base pressure and hence the resulting aerodynamic drag. A short slant (approx. 4% of model length) was applied to the trailing edges of the simplified vehicle model, representing the small rear end optimisation typical of many real vehicle geometries. Two experiments were performed: the first applied a chamfer at varying angles to the top and bottom edges; the second test looked at the same chamfer angle applied to the sides of the model geometry while the top and bottom angle remained square. The changes in drag are discussed and explained in the context of the base pressures and area weighted pressure coefficients.