Informal interaction in construction progress meetings

2013-05-15T11:45:03Z (GMT) by Christopher A. Gorse Stephen Emmitt
The small amount of published research into construction project meetings demonstrates some of the principal difficulties of investigating such sensitive business environments. Using the Bales Interaction Process Analysis (IPA) research method, data on group interaction were collected. A project outcome, namely whether the project was within contract budget, was used as a basis of enquiry between interaction patterns. Analysis was concerned with the socio-emotional (relationship building) and the task-based components of communication and the positive and negative socio-emotional interaction characteristics. Socio-emotional interaction was found to be significantly greater in the projects completed within budget. Socio-emotional interaction is used to express feelings in relation to tasks and it serves as the flux that creates and sustains the group’s social framework, which is crucial in a project environment. The data provides an indication of the importance of informal communication in the maintenance of relationships within project meetings.