Information technology and distance learning aspects of materials databases

2018-07-02T11:10:58Z (GMT) by Yan Wang
Distance learning is a flourishing area, with the number of programs, provided via remote delivery, increasing daily. At the same time, however, progress in the field of accessibility and support for learners, who want to pursue education and training in the area of materials science and engineering, has not always kept pace. An individual interested in taking a materials course, or in simply finding out what is available, may find himself/herself forced to locate and then plough through many unwieldy online course listings. This may discourage many learners from pursuing the distance learning option. In recent years, more and more distance learning databases have been developed and made available on the World Wide Web. These distance-learning databases are aimed to offer an information pool on many courses and programs that are available online and to cater for users' specific needs of locating information. This need is equally applicable to the area of materials science and engineering. The purpose of this current research has been to explore Information and Technology aspects of materials databases and closely study distance learning aspects. [Continues.]