Informing debates about the sustainability of the Head, Heart, Hands programme. Report to the Fostering Network

This paper has been produced by members of the Head, Heart, Hands evaluation team from the Centre for Child and Family Research (CCFR) at Loughborough University as a follow up to an initial paper produced in November 2014 (Holmes, McDermid and Trivedi, 2014) to explore the potential economic impact of Head, Heart, Hands. The Head, Heart, Hands demonstration programme activities in the sites will end in December 2015, and as such, at the time of writing many of the sites are exploring sustainability models and how they might continue with social pedagogic practice beyond the timeframe of the programme. Consequently, the need for a better understanding of the cost implications of Head, Heart, Hands and social pedagogy at this critical juncture has become apparent. This paper has been prepared to inform discussions and decisions around sustainability.