Institutionalizing community led action for sanitary survey

2018-02-12T15:08:38Z (GMT) by Vinod K. Mishra Arvind K. Singh
Bacteriological contamination in drinking water is the major source for child mortality. Developing countries are facing problem of cholera, dysentery, diahorrea, typhoid and jaundice. Therefore prevention of bacteriological contamination is necessary for sustainability. In Uttar Pradesh, there are large number of people suffer from water related diseases as they draw unsafe water from private shallow hand pumps and dug wells, which is a major cause of avoidable morbidity and mortality. The only viable option today is developing a process of water quality surveillance, through which people can develop the necessary knowledge and skills to monitor the quality of water they consume, undertake corrective measures and sustain the same on their own. Under National Rural Drinking Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance Programme, Mr. V.K. Mishra and Mr. Arvind Kr. Singh has developed the Community Led Action for Sanitary Survey (CLASS) is an IEC tool to facilitate community to undertake sanitary survey, water quality bacteriological testing and analysis of all drinking water sources in the village and develop collecting action for remedial measures.