Integrated change and knowledge management system - development and evaluation

Knowledge is often generated as part of the change and dependency management (CDM) process. Given that knowledge has become a fundamental resource for organizations, it is imperative that any new knowledge generated from CDM is captured and disseminated. In energy retrofits, inadequate management of changes and dependencies could have negative impacts on building energy performance. This paper presents the development and evaluation of an Integrated Change and Knowledge Management System (ICKMS) in this scope. It discusses the use case, requirements, information exchanges, and the system architecture. ICKMS can be used in projects to manage changes and dependencies, track change histories, and capture lessons learned from changes. The proposed ICKMS eliminates the gap between CDM and knowledge management (KM) activities, and prevents loss of potential knowledge in CDM processes. The use of the integrated system in construction projects is expected to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of simultaneously managing changes, dependencies and knowledge.