International student integrated project work using virtual teams comprised of students from the United Kingdom and Canada

2014-05-06T12:40:19Z (GMT) by Stephen Austin Robby Soetanto
The paper uses a case study approach to review a working project aimed at establishing a final year international integrated student construction project at Coventry University. Due to the ever-increasing internationalisation of the construction industry the integrated student project at Coventry University aims to provide the participants with virtual international working teams, an increasingly common process within the construction industry. The teams undertaking the project are to be formed equally from two Universities, one in the United Kingdom (Coventry University) and the other in Canada (Toronto - Ryerson University). The paper reviews the process of establishing the international student construction project and reviews how the student teams needed to work together to produce technical outputs from a given brief, therefore promoting international communication and teamwork. The paper reviews the evaluation of the project through quantitative and qualitative data taken from questionnaires with a view to measuring the success of international integrated student collaboration with links to the construction sector.