Investigation of the structural and magnetic phase transitions in CeSix by neutron scattering

2017-10-23T11:57:40Z (GMT) by Helen M. Murphy
In an attempt to gain a greater understanding of the magnetic interactions within the rare-earth metallic alloy CeSix (1.60 ≤ x ≤ 2.00) and the validity of the various theories of magnetism, intermediate valency and the 'dense' Kondo effect that are commonly invoked to account for its magnetic behaviour, the structural and magnetic properties of CeSi1.80 and CeSi1.85 samples have been investigated using the technique of thermal neutron scattering. Spin polarized neutrons and neutron spin polarization analysis have been employed to unambiguously separate the paramagnetic and antiferromagnetic scattering of CeSix samples from all other scattering contributions. [Continues.]