Invitation to truth, health and knowledge : an investigation into the nature and use of health information with special reference to the Lister Health Information Service

2019-07-12T11:16:05Z (GMT) by Sally Knight
Information is a universal and common requirement but it depends upon truth and knowledge to be reliable. Health information now receives special attention and the legal and ethical expectations of the right to knowledge and information are growing as paternalism wanes. Government policies stress the need for personal responsibility and choices in health, thus giving the consumers the impetus to obtain information. Controversy exists as to how to meet such rising demand. Related facets need consideration in the information process regarding the differences between providers and receivers and how they communicate. Information aids recovery, reduces stress and increases compliance. Recent moves in health care from passive acceptance to active demands exist and with them a corresponding interest. This becomes more specific when illness occurs. To meet such rising demands the Lister Health Information Service was established in the 1970's. [Continues.]