Irrigation project evaluation, Takeo, Cambodia

2018-02-12T15:09:55Z (GMT) by Ian K. Smout
With the absence of official aid organisations from Cambodia until the 1990s, NGOs have been the main support to development in the country. In June 1990, Oxfam initiated the Takeo Irrigation Structures Project (KAM 215) in Takeo Province, southern Cambodia, to increase the technical skills of provincial level irrigation technicians; support locally managed irrigation schemes; and develop contacts with local communities which would enable Oxfam to develop other community-based programmes. The major inputs were Technical Assistance (an Engineer), construction materials and equipment, capital for a loan scheme to farmers in a pilot project, salary subsidies for Takeo Provincial Office of Hydrology counterparts, and operation and maintenance of vehicles and equipment. Ian Smout and Peter Robertson undertook an external evaluation of the project for Oxfam in April-May 1993. This paper is drawn from the evaluation report.